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V Twin self amplified guitars

High Performance, Classic Style

Stainless steel ball bearings, custom extension springs, and precision machined components provide unmatched feel and control… from gentle surf-style vibrato to extreme divebombs. Fully adjustable to your personal preference.

V Twin self amplified guitars


V Twin self amplified guitars
  • The laser-cut 14 gauge steel baseplate is hand polished, then chrome plate or black powder-coat finish applied.
    (Custom Shop) finishes available, please inquire)

  • CNC milled 360 brass axle. Chrome plated.

  • High-grade Japanese stainless steel ball bearings.

  • Chrome over brass stabilizer with Delrin® bushing.

  • Knurled thumbscrew for easy tension adjustment.

  • Custom spec extension springs manufactured exclusively for V-Twin™ provide smooth action with all common string gauges and tunings.

  • Adjustable arm angle. 5mm ST-style arm.

V Twin self amplified guitars


V Twin self amplified guitars


Designed and manufactured in USA

Note 1: V-Twin Rev.2.0 is designed for flat-top guitars e.g. guitars in the style of SG, LP Special, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, LP Junior, etc. It is not designed for carve top LP-style guitars.*

Note 2: We recommend the use of a roller bridge such as Wilkinson® for increased tuning stability. It is up to the purchaser to determine the suitability of a particular bridge for their specific guitar.

V-Twin™, and the “V” spring orientation are trademarks of Easy Rider Tremolo Systems™, a division of ElectroPhonic Innovations, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

*SG, LP Special, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, LP Junior are trademarks of Gibson Brands. ElectroPhonic Innovations, and ­Easy Rider are not affiliated with Gibson Brands nor is any affiliation implied.

Copyright 2023, ElectroPhonic Innovations.

Dealer/ Distributor/ Luthier wholesale pricing available (inquire).

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