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self amplified guitars california

Control Panel

self amplified guitars california

Tone in Your Hands

A full range of amp sounds… sparkly clean, edgy blues, funk, jazz, classic rock, metal. Responsive, dynamic, rich harmonics, authentic inspiring sounds at your fingertips…

self amplified guitars california

"The controls are well thought out and well located".

Jeff A, M1 owner

Tactile knobs…tone shaping on the fly.

3-position slide switches for character, overdrive and tone shape.


Illuminated two-color BYPASS button. Select DIRECT MODE [GREEN] or AMP MODE [RED]

EQ HI and EQ LO controls for fine tuning overall tone shape. Dial in punch, bite, chunk, etc. with these controls.

Classic analog DELAY and CHORUS stereo effects. Each effect section has three parameter controls and an illuminated IN/OUT button. Tweak these effects while playing for new modes of creative expression.


Vintage analog circuit utilizing the PT2399S IC chip.


TIME: adjusts the length of delay up to 500 milliseconds.

FBK: adjusts the number of echo repeats (feedback).

MIX: adjusts the level of the delayed signal from subtle to intense.


Analog circuit built around the PT-2399S IC chip.

Tight doubling to deep pitch warble and rotating speaker effects.


DEPTH: adjusts the amount of pitch change in the wet signal.

LEVEL: adjusts the amount of wet signal in the mix.

RATE: adjusts the speed of pitch change modulation.

self amplified guitars california

DELAY and CHORUS are STEREO effects— split between the two speakers— enhancing Model One's immersive sound field.

“ElectroPhonic puts the focus where it really belongs, by creating a self-amplified guitar that sounds great”.

self amplified guitars california
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