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How long will it take for me to receive my Model One or GuitarmaDillo?

There are some models available now, although it may take up to 90 days,   depending on a variety of factors.  Please check with us regarding specific guitars.


Are you including a battery charger with each guitar? 

Yes. Everything you need to get out there and start playing is included.


Do you ship internationally? 

We ship to over 50 countries now.


Can I plug the Model One guitar into an amp if I want to?

Yes.  The sound you create on the guitar (including effects and tone) are also ported to the output jack, which when used, cuts off the guitar's internal speakers.   This feature also allows you to send your desired tone directly into a PA or mixing console.   Direct recording results are superb as demonstrated here.

What does the computer jack do?

The computer jack is a TRRS type that is ideal for feeding external audio into the guitar's internal amp and speakers.    This can be wired or wireless, as with a Bluetooth adapter   Level of playback is controlled by the output device (ie. cell phone)  and sounds amazing through the guitar's speakers.    Perfect for live performances, rehearsals, jams, or practice.   

Can you use headphones?

There is a dedicated headphone jack that cuts off the speakers allowing complete privacy.

Are you making a left-handed Model One or a bass? 

We will in the future.


What pickups are you using? 

All of our guitars come with custom wound humbucker pickups.    Even under stage lighting, they are dead quiet with zero hums or noise.


Do your guitars come with a warranty? 

Yes. One year warranty for all parts and labor. Normal wear or accidents are not covered.


Where is ElectroPhonic Innovations located? 

Our shop is in Inglewood, California.


Do you make all of the parts for your guitars? 

We do the majority of the work ourselves. We partner with companies and individuals who excel in their respective niches. All assembly is done in Inglewood at our shop.


Is there anywhere I can go to try out a Model One before I buy it? 

Not at this time. We are working on several options for the future.


Does it come with a case? 

No, it does not. We offer gig bags custom designed for the particulars of all EP Guitars.   The Model One will fit in most standard LP-style gig bags available through Amazon, eBay, or your local music retail shop at many different price points.  Check the dimensions of the case and make sure that it will like the Model One at 41″ x  14″ x 4″.


What is the battery life and how long does it take to recharge? 

Battery life is dependent on many factors: playing style, how loud you play, what you play, etc. We can tell you about the performance that we are getting. For example, at the Winter NAMM Show we were playing about 8 hours a day at moderate to loud volume levels and a set of batteries lasted us over 2 days.    An average mix of moderate levels and some cranking can give you around 12 hours or more.  

As far as charging is concerned, after the initial charge (which will be longer), you can generally expect about 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge. Again, it is dependent on several factors.


Can I order any color other than the 4  standard colors (white, red, black and blue) that you have made available? 

Yes. Through our Custom Shop you can order any color. Contact us at sales@electrophonicinnovations.com to discuss your interests.


Can I specify different pickups?  

The Model One is tuned to the hardware we provide.  Changes are discouraged and will void your warranty.   Custom shop models are available in optional pickup configurations.