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GUITARMADILLO™,  the "off-road" self-amplified guitar featuring exclusive

IMPERVACOAT™, a protective, scratch-resistant exterior finish. 

It's like a Model One wearing a bulletproof vest.


GUITARMADILLO™  has been certified 100% busk-worthy.   

It's also quite fun to say.

Australian Surf Punk-a-Dillo Party featuring Rick Hollis

The Dillo.  "Finger-pickin' good"


 Protective textured finish... ready for the street, the beach,

the skate park, the world, and the international space station.












"Tolex-like" surface in 8 stunning colors.   

Matching neck/headstock finish.

Rock maple neck/Katalox Fretboard

Carolina Poplar Body   

APM-1 analog preamp system with

analog delay, analog chorus.

18 watts of cranking power

Rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hr playtime.

Paper-coned twin guitar speakers for that

unmistakable cabinet-like wall of tone. 

Plug into amps, P.A., headphones, or phone.


Go forth.   Walk the earth like Caine.   Bring the shred.  


Kung Foo reference

Slidin' Steve Johnson on  a SILVER DILLO.


Now available in 8 subtle colors




The Standard GuitarmaDillo fingerboard is Katalox.    Other available options include Granadillo, Maple, and Ebony.


Granadillo  (Mexican Rosewood)