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self amplified guitars california


Awesome instrument, a well made, versatile guitar with generous wattage. I'm surprised  and amazed about the sound quality both bass frequency tones and medium-high end even at max volume.
Those guys in California are really making  pieces of art. I'm having a ton of fun with her, from clean mellow arpeggios to high gain, kick ass, riffs. All modes and effects are beautiful and useful. Love the v-twin tremolo, I can even shred and do heavy metal screams with it!
I have been followed by Joe Floyd himself during the pre-order process, he's been amazing answering all my questions and doubts.
This is my best guitar so far and it's worth every cent.
Ps: Love the gigbag, it's sturdy and has beautiful details, better than a hard case in my opinion since it's designed to give maximum protection to the precious guitar and fits all I may need, from the battery charger to my notebooks and tuner.
Cheers from Italy!

Simone Contardo

I see all these fancy Fenders, Gibsons, Les Pauls, Martins & Taylors floating around, but then I open the case to my ElectroPhonic and this guitar feels right to me because it was made especially just for me. It’s the guitar I find myself reaching for most often.

Everyone I cross paths with have never encountered a guitar of this make and caliber before. And that’s what you want in the music world. I prefer to have my guitars custom tailored to suit me. I like to be able to identify with my instruments, because it sets me apart.

I experience mishaps and set backs with every custom build, it’s just part of the process. The turn out and the end result is what really matters. Clear communication with your builder is very important. Joe Floyd went above and beyond to hash out the details.

He made me a beautiful guitar and I can tell by the way it turned out he put his heart into it and that’s what makes this guitar special. I like it so much I asked Joe to make me another one out of the spare neck I had ordered as a back up.

I lug my guitar around in its case, between shows and jam sessions, it always stays in tune. The fretboard feels phenomenal and the strings are so sensitive to the touch it practically plays itself. Sustain is infinite. Tweaking the built in harmonics to my desired tone makes this guitar truly unique. And the double spring tremolo is so sweet. It’s such a joy to play I can get lost in it for days.

This guitar is eye candy and people can’t help but marvel at its beauty every time I pull it out of the case. I’m showered with compliments. That’s one thing, yes. But it also plays so well. It’s pure joy.

Once I pick it up and start playing it’s hard to put down. I’m in total ecstasy. Chores and sleep be darned. I stay up all night jamming until I’m drowsy the next day.


In these days when reports of lousy customer service are the norm, last night I got a call from Andrew Bloch, president of ElectroPhonic guitars in the USA. He was following up on my purchase of the Model One which I received a few days ago. Frankly, I am astonished at the sound this handcrafted instrument produces, but even more at the customer follow up! I know that way back it was not always so, with one or two being disappointed, but for me, the experience could not have been better! Anyone interested in one of these instruments should certainly check them out. And NO I am not on the payroll.

Vince Morris via FaceBook

From: John Grafton

Subject: My feedback on Model One™ Self-Amplified Guitar


WOW! Are you kidding me?! I had to wait almost 7 months for this guitar. HELL I would have waited a year if I had any idea how fantastic this instrument was going to be. It is everything they promise and more. Not only is the sound under any condition fantastic but the controls give you a super wide variety of effects. I'm mostly a finger picking acoustic guy but this thing is way fun. Makes you want to play more. Furthermore, the workmanship and care that went into my guitar is impeccable. Super slick finger board, all fret edges filed and smoothed, looks like the frets are hand finished. I ordered a black Model One with black pick gaurd and tremolo. Beautiful!!! There was one tiny flaw about the size of a pin point. I covered it with a flame decal. Wonderfull job you guys. 

Fellas, I took this guitar with me over the weekend on a couple's trip with another bandmate and his wife. This is the BEST electric guitar ever made for travel, busking, and rehearsing. Thanks!!!!
Michael M

Just wanted to say that after a longish wait, the wait was worth it. I've been getting the feel of the guitar, and what potentially could have been nothing more than just a kind of gimmicky practice instrument turns out to be a full-fledged unique instrument that is capable of sounds that I'd have a hard time replicating with guitar/amp/effects. I'm going to be using it on an album I'm working on, but I won't be plugging it in, just putting a mic on it. Thanks for a really cool innovation!

Allan Player 

I am speechless. I own 13 guitars. One of which is a 30th Anniversary Fender Custom Shop Spalted Maple Strat which costs 3 times as much. I just want to say that Fender has NOTHING on you guys. From the fit, the finish, the action and the presentation. It’s over the top. Simply put, I am blown away. Please thank all that made this possible. 


Now I wait. 8 miserable hours of pure hell before I fire this puppy up.

Rob Bello, collector and player

Just wanted to say that after a longish wait, the wait was worth it. I've been getting the feel of the guitar, and what potentially could have been nothing more than just a kind of gimmicky practice instrument turns out to be a full-fledged unique instrument that is capable of sounds that I'd have a hard time replicating with guitar/amp/effects. I'm going to be using it on an album I'm working on, but I won't be plugging it in, just putting a mic on it. Thanks for a really cool innovation!

Allan Player 

One of the best guitars I’ve played. People who still don’t have theirs yet. Just wait a little longer, it’s everything you’ve waited for😍​​ Andrew the pay off is immense. To say this is the best guitar I’ve played is an understatement. Even louder than I hoped. This is everything I’ve waited two years for!!!!!



Christopher McCafferty

Here'a my new ElectroPhonic's Model One guitar, a self amplified guitar providing more than 18 watts through 2 speakers. So many great features with this guitar such as delay and chorus effect plus amp simulators. Powered with 4 long lasting rechargeable batteries. Another great feature is that i can connect a bluetooth in the connector made for that and play my tracks via an iPad, iPhone or other. In this song here, the Model One is the only source of sound. Sorry, i didn't take time to work a great solo, just wanted to show you this marvel. Go to the website of ElectroPhonic Innovation at: Take note that I don't work for them, just love that guitar. The guys at ElectroPhonic's are just great and passioned people giving all the correct infos. After sale service is also fantastic; I had a problem with mine, we had a FaceTime meeting, got the guitar sent, got it back not long after. Problem was solved! (California USA to Quebec, Canada). Thank's to Joe, Jan and mostly Andy with whom I've been mostly in contact with. Wish you guys a huge success  as this product deserve it!

Claude Boudreault

It’s the guitar I’ve dreamed of since I was in my teens. Did you read my f___ing mind?

Loni Specter— founder LA Guitar Show

Hi I just want to say that I'm blown away and over the moon. Knowing that I must have one of your brilliant guitars, I made a promise to myself that I was not going to purchase another guitar but when I saw and heard the quality of your guitars I soon changed my mind. I must have the red one. Please send me some more information on ordering and delivery so I can get my dream guitar ASAP. Thank you very much, kind regards.

M. Isato

Thank you for the custom built guitar. I don't know of any other guitar in the USA market that embodies what you have created. I'm the former lead singer of Dress Left in the band Chemotherapy from the 1980s and only ever played rhythm guitar. I sang the lead in a few operas as well. I can't noodle like your demonstrators that show great guitar solos etc. I suffered a brain injury from a car accident in 2002 which ended my public performances and spent all my time recovering from this injury. I can now finally play again and I'm really enjoying your product . Can't remember lyrics but my guitar playing is coming back and I'm making small improvements on my technique. I know I suck as a guitar player now, but not every purchaser of your guitars is Sammy Hagar who I think is the best rock singer in the world! Thank you again for surviving COVID-19 at the plant and sending me this great guitar. My written review is honest and heartfelt. Enjoy the video and see how much fun your guitar brings to a faded wannabe rockstar like me.

Gary M

From: Jonathan R.

I've received my guitar and it's completely awesome! The range of tones and feedback it can achieve by itself is great and it also rocks plugged into my Vox amp. Worth the wait. Thanks and regards, Jonathan

SCOTT TRESTER wrote: (feedback on Rare Rustic M1)

Man…I’m psyched about the guitar, I’ve had it a month now and can’t put it down, my wife keeps asking me why I’m always smiling... from the fret work to effects, and the setup everything is spot on, not to mention the styling of the guitar…. Thanks to Andy and all the guys at ElectroPhonic you got it right….another satisfied customer….ghost rider:)

From: Stephen Powell

Hi Andy,

I own a Guitarmadillo. You guys made such a fun guitar to play now my other guitars never get played. Who has time to plug in when you can just jam?

From: Bobby C. Caffey 
Subject: My feedback on Model One™ Self-Amplified Guitar

I only own about 30 guitars which one by far is the best I have ever played. Wish I had just this guitar 50 years ago when I was on the road. Plays so sweet! Thank you🤘

From: mauricio garcia 
Subject: My feedback on Purple M1

Awesome guitar!  More beautiful when I saw it in person! Once again Andy and the crew were very cool and professional when I came by the shop. I’m a life long die hard EP customer for life!

From: ed kott 
Subject: My feedback on EP GigBag

Nothing but praise for the stuff you guys make!!!!

What is really not being talked about are the obstacles you must be facing in our current environment, with the shutdowns,  wildfires and everything else that is going on.
You manage to make it happen through all that!

Thanks for all you do!
ed kott, proud owner of a guitarmadillo with an awesome gig bag

From: Jack German

Subject: My feedback on GuitarmaDillo™ Self-Amplified Guitars
Awesome product. Ingenious design ideas. Sounds awesome. Looks awesome. 
Thank you so much. 

From: Robert Anderson 
Subject: My Dillo

Hi Andy,

Thank you much for all of your help. Guitar came much quicker than I thought.  Beautiful stunning fretboard and everything I asked about. Huge KUDOS to all in making this amazing guitar. And as well to the set up person, perfect ! High quality guitar 2nd to none! Have a gig tomorrow night gonna try it through my Marshall Studio Classic. Next time I see Pat (Travers) gonna let him check it out, maybe he'll work something out with you guys. 

Peace my friend

I have had mine for 4 years .The only problem with having one of
these is I no longer want to play my Gibsons or Fenders. Love these guitars, best guitar I have ever purchased and my wife will tell you I have bought a hell of a lot of guitars but this is my last one. This will be the last guitar you will want to play.

Sam Condy on FaceBook

I have had mine for maybe four months, and it gets my attention more than the 335, 175, Parker Fly, and maybe more than the Strat. Just way too much fun… you can 'play the acoustics' in different rooms of the house as much as the instrument… Very fun!

Bob Smith via Facebook

From: michael collins


Subject: My feedback on Model One Self-Amplified Guitar
Very happy with my order even more happy with your guys customer service my guitar didn't work when I received it you guys got right back to me made it easy to get it fixed and got it back to me very fast thank you you guys are awesome can't wait for the model 2

It took a little longer than expected to arrive, but my Model One is a work of art with high build quality and innovative design. I am sure the time delay was covid related and not the usual time scale from this brilliant company. I am looking forward to years of happy playing. Thanks guys


I think this is one of the most beautiful playing, sounding, and looking guitars I have ever owned in my life. I cannot believe how great it plays and sounds. Just wanted to let you know I just love it! thank you! 

Bobby L

I'm loving the guitar.  I'm a music journalist who spent ages 16-49 playing professionally (and heavily), some on the road in my youth and then largely local; but also did a lot of local studio session work as well.


My wife bought my Model One for my 65th birthday this past February 5,  I already couldn't be happier. I even bought some cables to hook it into my iPad with GarageBand and the possibilities become even greater....and my wife is thrilled that I can't stop talking about my new Model One, which now hangs on the wall of my office, right below a great B&W photo of Aretha Franklin.


So, thanks, guys, for making the perfect instrument for someone who wanted to get back to playing but no longer has the space for a full rig! Cheers!
Dave, music journalist

Very impressive guitar. You're really on to something here. My ears dislike digital and the sound is both analog and great.... ​I wanted to share my experience with your wonderful guitar. It is much more and better than a travel guitar. It is a real guitar for real players.

Steve Friedman, collector and player

The guitar is magnificent. Everything from the finish to the fretwork to the set up is first rate. It has excellent playability. The controls are well thought out and well located. The neck has a great feel and is neither too wide nor too narrow. The tuners feel solid and it tunes up easily.  Given all the equipment that is jammed into it, I would have expected it to be heavier but remarkably, the weight is comparable to many of my solid body guitars.

Jeff A. 

My new EP Model One arrived today & I can't put her down! No longer tethered to an amp, electric sounds can be created anywhere. The amp system, effects and speakers are all built into the body. Thanks to Jan Lucas, Andy Bloch, and all the craftsmen at ElectroPhonic Innovations for staying true to their dream and producing a state of the art guitar. 

Robert Kluger

The quality is great. The guitar, the effects, the sound. It's becoming a tool for me. I learn a lot of material to play with different bands and it's pretty great to just pick this up and play without my whole rig. There are sounds that I get with it that I hope I can get with my live set up. Plus, I can plug it into my amp and use it with my pedalboard and amp and use it's effects if I want to as well. 

Jon Woodhead— guitar player for Leon Russel, Maria Muldaur, Ace, John Stewart, Sophie B Hawkins.

Thank you and your team for all your support. Best guitar I've ever played, no less owned, and I've had LP's, Strats, Teles, and Gretsch

Shep P

Andy and the entire staff,

This is a Masterpiece the attention to detail goes beyond just putting a guitar together. First its a tobacco sunburst Guitar and you didn't just put black knobs a couple black pickups or one color tremolo bar. Two tone knobs, pickups and tremolo system. It makes it stand out absolutely incredible. The headstock very cool and the neck is perfect. Stays in tune , intonation spot on. Then the built in amp with two killer speakers you picked two color speaker covers. All of you put your heart and soul into making this guitar. Wow it truly blows me away if I'm going through the speakers, headphones or my Fender Twin. 

It looks amazing, sounds incredible. I will be sharing my experience with your company. All of you should be very proud of your creation, the Model One. It's a winner!!! 

Keep on rocking...

Sam J

From: Michael W. 

Subject: My feedback on Cool Kustom- Koa

Exceeded expectations. A beautiful instrument in all regards. Number one in my electric guitar rack. A work of art from start to finish.

(Michael from Australia)

From: Mick K.

Guitarmadillo feedback,

Even though it took six months to receive my guitar the wait was worth it. The guitar was in perfect shape when it arrived, and it just needed a tweak with the tuning. The sound is great and was perfect for my camping trip. Overall, beautiful guitar and sound!! Regards,


Stephen  Flint wrote:

Hi Aaron, Andy I just wanted to let you know I’ve received my Model One, charged up the batteries and finally got to try it out last night. Totally has exceeded my expectations. The biggest surprise right away is how great the action and playability is, easily the best action of any guitar I own, and I have a couple nice ones. But the sound – heavens, I can only imagine the years of effort and iterations it took to get this right, and you certainly have. I don’t know what the secret sauce is, but it is warm, deep, punchy and full bodied like a good amp should be. I haven’t had a chance to fully explore all the sounds I can get with this thing but I am really excited about this guitar. You are to be congratulated. I learned about ElectroPhonic Guitars from my friend Fernando Perdomo, and I know he loves his.


I am a product developer with 30 years experience as an executive leading major innovation programs, and I can clearly see all the problem solving, creativity, blood, sweat, and tears (the Al Cooper version), and commitment in all of the design elements and features you built into this product.  Truly, truly impressed.


Stephen Flint

Subject: My feedback on Custom Model One Stealth Matte Black

After thinking for a long time about bringing this guitar to Europe (despite the shipping costs, VAT and import duties) I decided to do so. No regrets whatsoever, what an incredibly beautiful sounding guitar. My Custom Model One Stealth Matte Black looks amazing. highly recommended for every guitarist to own one these guitars without having to connect an amplifier and effects first. The built-in amplifier with its versatile built-in effects work incredibly well and the sound is overwhelming with the built-in speakers. The quality of the materials used and how the guitar is built also exceed my expectations. For every guitarist EP Guitars can build a guitar that more than meets the wishes and for the price for which they are offered you should not hesitate to purchase one. I would therefore like to say a huge thank you to Andy Bloch and EP Guitars Team for responding to all my wishes and handling the shipping to Europe, I give them a more than well deserved 10+, thanks you guys!


Regards from a very proud owner of a Custom Model One Stealth Matte Black,


Harry van der Veer 


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