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To order a Custom Shop Model One, Guitarmadillo, or MONDO, enter the name of a guitar you like from the Guitar Gallery. Include other descriptive info about custom features you want (e.g. "premium roasted maple neck with ebony fingerboard".  If you don't specify, we will build your guitar as close as possible to the guitar you referenced in the gallery. Keep in mind that all wood has unique grain features, etc. We will reply with an estimate of the final cost of your custom guitar, not including shipping, customs, taxes, tariffs, etc.

When you place a deposit, you will receive an invoice confirming your order. That's it!

Note: if you want a unique color or finish (not shown in the gallery), describe it below... you can attach a photo for color reference. We will communicate with you and try to accommodate your request. Please include your contact information.

Upload File
Thank you for submitting a Custom Shop request!
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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