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Self-Amplified Guitars

ElectroPhonic Innovations electric guitars


ElectroPhonic Innovations electric guitars

EP guitars are crafted in Inglewood, California, USA.

Modern automated manufacturing techniques and hand craftsmanship

are combined to create an inspiring and unique musical instrument.


Guitarmadillo starts at $999, Model One starts at $1,155.

Delivery times are approximately 2 to 4 weeks for Guitarmadillo, 6 to 8 weeks for Model One, and 3 to 4 months for Custom Shop.


We have a limited stock of pre-built guitars available for immediate purchase.

Click the link below to view our current inventory.

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Contact us below.

ElectroPhonic Innovations electric guitars

Nothing comes close to the experience of playing an ElectroPhonic guitar - the feel of the resonating body in your hands. Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.





With a full range of great amp tones and stereo effects, the APM1 Preamp is pure analog heaven. Hi-current power supply and 18 watt Class D power amp deliver for at least 8 hours before recharging.

       Hand-shaped neck profile offers comfort. Every guitar gets a pro set-up before shipping… frets leveled and polished, nut slots filed and lubricated, truss  rod adjusted for low action— ready to play from the moment you open the custom shipping box.

 Hand- Sculpted body contours, hand-shaped and polished pick guards, stunning finishes… meticulous attention to every detail, whether a Standard or Custom Shop model.


Two matched paper cone drivers, along with EP’s  patented chambering system create an amazing stereo sound field that must be heard and felt to be believed.


Review of ELECTROPHONIC MODEL ONE (excerpt):


“… it's astounding how many tones are at your fingertips— and, on that subject, 

it’s really awesome to be able to mess with amp controls on the fly. 


I switched it on. Sure enough a full, loud sound came out of the speakers. Nice! 


I turned the amp gain up a bit and got some musical overdrive. 

Nudging the amp volume up just a touch created singing, infinite sustain.


… at your fingertips are the DELAY and CHORUS effects, and all of their parameters. First off, both effects sound really good– nice and warm. 


The DELAY is particularly expansive, with the repeats coming out of the speaker in the upper bout. I dialed in some very produced tones that I could tweak in real time. It really works.


When the amp is on, Model One is capable of way more sympathetic vibrations than ordinary guitars. And because this guitar came with the optional Easy Rider V-Twin Tremolo, I could really do a lot with the feedback. Fun!


The HI and LO EQ knobs are extremely powerful, and just those two controls

alone give you an amazing range of sounds, from warm jazzy neck-pickup tones to bridge-humbucker sizzle.”


Guitar Player Magazine

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