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Model One Review by Customer  Rob Bello

I am speechless. I own 13 guitars. One of which is a 30th Anniversary Fender Custom Shop Spalted Maple Strat which costs 3 times as much. I just want to say that Fender has NOTHING on you guys. From the fit, the finish, the action and the presentation. It’s over the top. 

Simply put, I am blown away.   Please thank all that made this possible.

Model One Review by Customer  "Solo Down",

My Model One arrived (w/tremolo) June 13 2019

Hard to believe the variety of tones and playability of this guitar!  If you think this is just a Rockman-type analog device with a wimpy amp built in, you are dead wrong.  You can go from acoustic to STRAT-LIKE bell tone, to TELE-twang, to VAN HALEN-shred in seconds.  And you get that amazing sound with a LOUD on-board amp, or headphones, or direct to external amp/board. VERY quiet circuitry.   This is not a toy, nor a mere ‘busking’ guitar. Its an amazing and broad tone machine without another like it.

I had to wait awhile, but they kept in touch and delivered the goods. Absolutely worth the wait.

Model One Review by Customer   Sam Condy

I made the big jump and ordered one of these not knowing what to expect.  Let me say I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and I have owned Gibsons, Fenders, Yamahas, Washburns, and many more, but this guitar blows them all away.  Very high quality materials went into build.  I am very satisfied.     Thank you Jan and Andy for  great customer service.  I know I had a ton of questions before I ordered and you covered all of them.  

Baby Blue with V-Twin™ Tremolo

Jon Woody Woodhead, long time lead for Leon Russell, Maria Muldaur, and more checks out his new Model One.

Made in USA

Built by talented craftsmen, musicians, and artisans in Southern California.

Some models available today.   Normal delivery times are generally less than 90 days.