Self-Amplified Guitars


ElectroPhonic Innovations

EP Guitars are designed and built-in Inglewood, California, USA. 

We use modern automated machining and old-world hand craftsmanship to create a precision instrument that is also an inspiring work of art.   

Prices from $999 for Guitarmadillos, to $1,155 for Model Ones.

Accessories, Shipping, and Custom Shop additional.

Delivery times are now about 3 months. We continue to strive to shorten that time!

ElectroPhonic Innovations electric guitars

Nothing comes close to the experience of playing an ElectroPhonic guitar - the feel of the resonating body in your hands. Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.





With a full range of great amp tones and stereo effects, the APM1 Preamp is pure analog heaven. Hi-current power supply and 18 watt Class D power amp deliver for at least 8 hours before recharging.

       Hand-shaped neck profile offers                 comfort. Every guitar gets a pro set-up before shipping… frets leveled and polished, nut slots filed and    lubricated, truss  rod adjusted for low           action— ready to play from the moment         you open the custom shipping box.

 Hand- Sculpted body contours,        hand-shaped and polished             pick guards, stunning                          finishes… meticulous                      attention to every detail,                 whether a Standard or                     Custom Shop model.


                         Two matched paper              cone drivers, along with EP’s  patented chambering system create an amazing stereo sound field that must be heard and felt to be believed.

Custom Shop "Colbie" Shown.

The Guitars

ElectroPhonic Innovations electric guitars

Customer Reviews

Just got my nice new red Model 1!


I am blown away at the quality and sound.  I love the versatility and how everything is right there at your fingertips. Best of all, the guitar feels solid and the neck plays really, really well. Right out of the box and with a quick tuning I was jamming away. I think my favorite Telecaster will stay in it's case for a long time.


I wish you guys all the success. This is definitely not a toy but it sure is fun as hell!"



Marc Wester

Collector & Player

I made the big jump and ordered one of these not knowing what to expect.  Let me say I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and I have owned Gibsons, Fenders, Yamahas, Washburns, and many more, but this guitar blows them all away.  Very high quality materials went into build.  I am very satisfied. Now you need to make an acoustic with built in amp and effects. Thank you Jan and Andy for  great customer service. I know I had a ton of questions before I ordered and you covered all of them. This will be the only guitar I will ever need which will save me a ton of money.


Take Care,

Sam Condy

Collector & Player

This freakin guitar is amazing - surpasses my expectations; well beyond. It came set up very well also.

I charged the batteries overnight as recommended. I cannot believe how loud it can get - the neck fits my small hand to a tee. It boggles the mind....

Awesome job to your team! This is the Best Guitar out of the package I have ever bought... and I have 20! It's hard to get an A+ but you are getting one.  

Thanks for the Awesome Creation!

Keith Boyle

Collector & Player