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Marc Wester

Collector and player

Subject: First Impressions

Sent: Friday, February 21, 2020 1:50 PM



Hey Guys,


Just got my nice new red Model 1!


I am blown away at the quality and sound.  I love the versatility and how everything is right there at your fingertips.  Best of all, the guitar feels solid and the neck plays really, really well.  Right out of the box and with a quick tuning I was jamming away.  I think my favorite Telecaster will stay in it's case for a long time.


I wish you guys all the success.  This is definitely not a toy but it sure is fun as hell!



Marc Wester

Marc Corriveau

Collector and player

Subject: I have received the guitar on Dec. 6th.

Hello Andy.  Just a quick feed back.  The guitar is beautiful and it plays wonderfully well thank you so much.  This my 24 th guitar and it is one my best.  


Very good sound very versatile I love this guitar so much, I play it about 20 to 25 hours a week.  Muchias Gracias very much.


Have a good day.


Marc Corriveau

Rob Bello

Collector and player

Subject: Holy Guacamole!!

I am speechless. I own 13 guitars. One of which is a 30th Anniversary Fender Custom Shop Spalted Maple Strat which costs 3 times as much. I just want to say that Fender has NOTHING on you guys. From the fit, the finish, the action and the presentation. It’s over the top. 

Simply put, I am blown away. 

Please thank all that made this possible. 


Now I wait. 8 miserable hours of pure hell before I fire this puppy up. 🔥🎸🔥


Take care,

Rob Bello

Sam Condy

Collector and player

I made the big jump and ordered one of these not knowing what to expect.  Let me say I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and I have owned Gibsons, Fenders, Yamahas, Washburns, and many more, but this guitar blows them all away.  Very high quality materials went into build.  I am very satisfied.   Now you need to make an acoustic with built in amp and effects.   Thank you Jan and Andy for  great customer service.  I know I had a ton of questions before I ordered and you covered all of them.  This will be the only guitar I will ever need which will save me a ton of money.

Xavier Denys

Collector and player

Hello there,


Just to let you know the Model One arrived safe and sound.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I'm an intermediate player and I am completely in love with this instrument.

The sound quality, guitar quality and ease of play are great and of course so is the build-in amp.

It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to configure the sounds I wanted to get, from warm tones to shredding, so I would say it is user friendly.


I can finally do what I always wanted to do, which is just pick up the guitar, sit anywhere inside or outside and do my thing.

This will help me develop a lot as a guitarist. Just the convenience without having to sacrifice sound quality. I really motivates me to play more.

It radiates unique and cool. Playing it feels like playing a musical muscle car.


The shipping and import costs were rather huge though compared to the price of the guitar itself : totalled to about $500 - so about 50%. (Belgium)

However it did arrive safe and sound. Sadly I don't think you have the choice to make that cheaper.

It took 6 months to deliver which is rather long, but given the artisan ship and the size of EP it's understandable. I'd happily wait again and have this craft quality.


I initially made the purchase as a gift for someone, but since the delivery took about 3 months more than we initially thought I bought that person another guitar.

(a solution with a portable speaker)

And honestly after having looked at multiples youtube videos featuring the guitar I may have wanted it for myself. (guilty)


The wait was long, but it was well worth it. This will be my main guitar for the foreseeable future.

And if a Model Two sees the light, I'll definitely order one.

Keith Boyle

Collector and player

This freakin guitar is amazing - surpasses my expectations; well beyond.  It came set up very well also.

I charged the batteries overnight as recommended.   I cannot believe how loud it can get - the neck fits my small hand to a tee.  It boggles the mind....

Awesome job to your team!  This is the Best Guitar out of the package I have ever bought... and I have 20!   It's hard to get an A+ but you are getting one.  

Thanks for the Awesome Creation!

Matt Cowan

Collector and player


I absolutely love my Model One. Since receiving it about 3 weeks ago I have been on it non-stop. I have fine tuned the chorus and delay to a dreamy perfection that blows my mind. My hats off to Jan, Joe, Andy, and the rest of the team. The are creating something truly unique.
If you have been waiting just be patient it will come. ...

Steve Friedman

Collector and player


Very impressive guitar.  You're really on to something here.  My ears dislike digital and the sound is both analog and great.... 

I wanted to share my experience with your wonderful guitar.  It is much more and better than a travel guitar. It is a real guitar for real players.



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Christopher McCafferty

From Scotland;    Collector and player

March 12 at 3:20 AM · 

One of the best guitars I’ve played. People who still don’t have theirs yet. Just wait a little longer, it’s everything you’ve waited for😍

Andrew the pay off is immense. To say this is the best guitar I’ve played is an understatement. Even louder than I hoped. This is everything I’ve waited two years for!!!!!



Yvonne Hall


I received my guitar last Friday and am in love with it.   It is a sexy  beast.



Jeff A.

Collector and player

“The guitar is magnificent. Everything from the finish to the fretwork to the set up is first rate. It has excellent playability. The controls are well thought out and well located. The neck has a great feel and is neither too wide nor too narrow. The tuners feel solid and it tunes up easily.  Given all the equipment that is jammed into it, I would have expected it to be heavier but remarkably, the weight is comparable to many of my solid body guitars.”

Mark Buenning

Guitarist/ Singer/ Songwriter

EP Staff,
I know I called saying it wasn’t turning on (there was a switch, duh), but this guitar is literally perfect for my needs.
It sounds beautiful, it turns heads, it’s super fun to pick up and play, and because of that, I’m actually having fun practicing.
Seriously, I can’t give this project enough praise, so I’m going to give you my business — you have a customer for life. As soon as more dollars come in, I’m getting some backups.
Incredible, incredible guitar. Thank you.
On Jan 16, 2019, 10:15 AM -0800, EP Staff wrote:

Jonathan Hill

Guitarist/ Singer/ Songwriter


Claude Boudreault

Collector and player

Here'a my new Electrophonic's Model One guitar, a self amplified guitar providing more than 18 watts through 2 speakers. So many great features with this guitar such as delay and chorus effect plus amp simulators. Powered with 4 long lasting rechargeable batteries. Another great feature is that i can connect a bluetooth in the connector made for that and play my tracks via an iPad, iPhone or other. In this song here, the Model One is the only source of sound. Sorry, i didn't take time to work a great solo, just wanted to show you this marvel. Go to the website of Electrophonic Innovation at: Take note that i don't work for them, just love that guitar. The guys at Electrophonic's are just great and passioned people giving all the correct infos. After sale service is also fantastic; i had a problem with mine, we had a FaceTime meeting, got the guitar sent, got it back not long after. Problem was solved! (California USA to Quebec, Canada). Thank's to Joe, Jan and mostly Andy with whom i've been mostly in contact with. Wish you guys a hughe sucess for 2019 as this product deserve it!

Ken Kahn

Producer, player

Received my red Model One a month ago, days before we moved 800 miles. It was just about the first thing I unpacked when we arrived, and I have not gone a day without playing it since. It was 100% worth the wait and I encourage all early buyers to be patient if you haven't received yours yet. You will not be disappointed! I'm attaching a quick jam from this morning just showing a bit of this new friend's range, with same basic notes but totally different feel, from echo-y blues to much heavier vibes. The controls are easy to master and the fretboard is a breeze. The fun of just being able to sit out on the porch without an amp and get this sound fulfills the promise of the original premise.

And it's damn pretty, too. EP, you done good!

Robert Kluger

Collector and player

My new EP Model One arrived today & I can't put her down! No longer tethered to an amp, electric sounds can be created anywhere. The amp system, effects and speakers are all built into the body. Thanks to Jan Lucas, Andy Block, and all the craftsmen at ElectroPhonic Innovations for staying true to their dream and producing a state of the art guitar. Keep on Rocking'

AC Alexander

Lizzy Borden, Scotty Alexander Band

“I was skeptical, then I played it.  Truly amazing.”

Tim Thompson

Former Chief Design Engineer, Kurzweil Music.  Currently EP Head Electronics Designer.

“These guys are on to something special. That’s why I joined them to head up the electronics design. It feels like the early days at Kurzweil.”

Jon "Woody" Woodhead

Hired Gun for Leon Russell, Maria Muildaur, Ace, John Stewart, Sophie B. Hawkins, The New Old, & More

I’m having so much fun playing the EP guitars.  Watching them take each new guitar and make the next one even better, has been great to watch.  I hope that everyone sees the great promise and sound that these guys are creating.


The quality is great. The guitar, the effects, the sound. It's actually more than you'd think. I thought gimmicky, too, but it's more than that. It's becoming a tool for me. I learn a lot of material to play with different bands and it' pretty great to just pick this thing up and play without my whole rig. There are sound sounds that I get with it that I hope I can get with my live set up. Plus, I can plug it into my amp and use it with my pedalboard and amp and use it's effects if I want to as well. We shall see.

Chad Quist

Hired Gun for Heart,, Big Brother

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with the EP guys watching them evolve their guitars, and playing their various prototypes.  The ElectroPhonic Guitar is a blast to play!”

Loni Specter

Founder, LA Guitar Show

“It’s the guitar I’ve dreamed of since I was in my teens.   Did you read my f___ing mind?”

No Mansfield

Minister of Propaganda,  Revolushn

I used my new, very fancy, awesome sounding Model one on the track. The engineer told me it was a great sounding acoustic guitar. Ha!

Emma Ejwertz

Guitarist/ Singer/ Songwriter

Love this guitar!!!




(Feb 2020)

Tested by Matt Blackett



I ALWAYS THOUGHT the old Silvertone guitars that came in a case with a built-in amp were pretty cool. After all, the less girl have to lug, the better. But what If you didn't even need the case to have an amplified guitar? That's where ElectroPhonic comes in. The Model One you see here has a built-in preamp. power amplifier, speakers and effects. It also comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that will provide more than 10 hours of playing time under most conditions.


When I first saw the Model One, I was knocked out by the custom purple color, which looked great on the sexy body shape. The vents for the two onboard speakers look super cool as well. The three knobs on the top govern master volume, overdrive gain and pickup volume. The controls on the upper side of the body include a selector for preamp voicing (Lux, U.K. and Mod), a three-way Clean/OD-1/OD-2 switch, hi and lo controls, and all that you need for the delay and chorus effects. Everything is easily accessible and tweakable.


I charged the batteries (which takes about eight hours the first time and four hours thereafter), installed them easily, and switched on the guitar to hear a loud, full sound come from its speakers. Turning the amp gain up produced musical overdrive, and nudging the amp volume up a touch created singing, infinite sustain. After all, when its amp is on, the Model One creates more sympathetic vibrations than ordinary guitars. And Because this guitar came with the optional Easy Rider V-Twin Tremolo, I could really do lot with the feedback.


The hi-and low-EQ knobs are extremely powerful, and those two controls alone deliver an amazing range of sounds, from warm jazz neck-pickup tones to bridge-humbucker sizzle. When you combine that with the amp gain, amp volume and guitar volume knobs, it's astounding how many tones are at your fingertips. On that subject. It's awesome to be able to mess with amp controls on the fly. (ElectroPhonic says the Model One is loud enough to keep up with a drummer, but that wouldn't be the case with any drummer I've ever played with.)


Also at your fingertips are the delay and chorus effects, and all of their parameters. Both effects sound nice and warm. The delay is particularly expansive, with the repeats coming out of the speaker in the upper bout, and I dialed in some very produced-sounding tones that I could tweak in real time. Better still, all of these sounds are passed through the 1/4-inch output jack, and you can send them to an amp or run them direct, What you don't get unfortunately, is the board amp which is defeated when you plug into the output jack. I was a little disappointed by this, because really wanted to experience all the sustain and feedback while playing through my rig. Still, the Model One sounds quite good through an amp as well as direct and the musical interaction of the various controls is all there. The feel and setup on the Model One wasn't totally ready for prime time, with jagged fret ends, high action and a funky three-way pickup selector that kept the neck pickup on when I tried to select the bridge pickup only, Fortunately, these are all fixable problems. The Easy Rider whammy system operates smoothly, kind of like a Bigsby with more range, and with a little finessing I was able to keep it reasonably well in tune, even with lots of use. The Model One would make a great travel guitar, because it really has everything you need. I also see it as an amazing busking tool, and you could do a coffeehouse gig and sing without a mic if you wanted. For that matter, I would gladly use it in the studio and mic the internal speakers to take advantage of the amazing sustain. All in all, it's a fun, useful and versatile guitar.



PRICE $1050 direct.  $1225 as tested with Easy-Rider V-Twin Trem and maple fretboard




FRETBOARD Maple 24.75" scale, 12" radius.

Optional ebony, katalox, Granadillo.




TUNERS Wilkinson WJ28N open-gear


BODY Carolina Poplar


BRIDGE Wilkinson locking roller (stock).


Optional Easy Rider V-Twin Tremolo ($125)


PICKUPS Custom-wound humbucker (bridge) single-coil dual-rail (neck)


CONTROLS Master volume, overdrive gain, pickup volume


ADDITIONAL CONTROLS Lux/UK/Mod switch, Clean/OD-VOD-2 switch, mid/punch/warm switch. high and low EQ knobs, delay and chorus buttons,  delay time, mix and feedback:


FACTORY STRINGS D'Addario,.010-046


WEIGHT 8.8 lbs




KUDOS Unique features. Huge range of tones. Unreal sustain when using internal amp.


CONCERNS Some setup issues.

In this leisurely 2 hour, in-depth interview and factory tour, Jan & Joe present the EP line of self-amped guitars, tremolos, and the new Non-Amplified electrics.   Johnny Beane.TV  and his crew provide some great questions and observations in this very relaxed, and light-hearted,  nerd-worthy presentation. 

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