The Standard MODEL ONE is available in Red, Black, Blue or Cream,  with or without tremolo.

The EP CUSTOM SHOP can also build your next Model One to your specific desires.

Familiar feel.   8.7lbs.  Power on.  Play.  Repeat.



Forget the cabinet and stompboxes.   

Model One has its own built-in amp, preamp,  speakers, effects, and rechargeable batteries. 

Play it anywhere inspiration strikes, anytime.

The MODEL ONE  plays and feels like your favorite old guitar/amp cabinet combination. 

It requires no external gear, cables, or power and brings your favorite electric tone along for the ride.

The EP MODEL ONE features a comfortable, hand-sculpted, rock maple neck.  It's set up and intonated with precision.  EP 24.75" scale, 22 frets in traditional "Paul" style feel familiar, and velvety-smooth action across 12 deg radius fretboards made from maple, ebony, rosewood, and more...


EP's custom electronics designs are matched to our patented iso-acoustic chambering system.

Familiar controls for preamp, EQ,  delays, and effects are easily adjustable for live performance.

Standard Guitar Output Jack  with full effects.

Plug directly into the mixer for amazing DI recording with effects.

Mic the stereo speakers and capture the spread of analog delays and warm chorus fx.

For privacy, the speakers shut off when you plug in headphones.  

A stereo phone/computer jack let's you play backing tracks, beats, lessons, or literally any audio through your MODEL ONE'S powerful speakers. 


Turn it on.   Play.  Keep playing.  A 4-bay battery charger is included.  Keep an extra set of batteries (optional) charged up and the Quick-Change Magnetic Bay Cover means your performance won't suffer... the actual battery changeover takes less than a minute without any tools.

The MODEL ONE'S Class D proprietary power amp achieves astounding volume levels. The rechargeable batteries provide well over 8 hours of playtime.  There is also a jack to plug into an AC adapter.  


• Carolina Poplar body

• Rock Maple 22 Fret Neck 24.75 scale

• 100% analog front end preamp

• Artisan craftsmanship on all bodies and necks

• Discrete Analog Delay

• Discrete Analog Chorus

• Amp modeling & EQ

• Performance control of all functions

• 18 watt stereo amp with Twin Full-range speakers

• Smartphone connectivity

• Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and charger

• Magnetic Quick-change battery cover

• Custom wound Humbucker pickups

• Privacy Headphone jack

• D.I.Recording output with full effects

• Standard output jack for AMP or P.A.

• Input/output for phone/computer/ipad

• Weighs 8.7 lbs.

The Standard MODEL ONE fingerboard is Katalox.    Other available options include Rosewood, Maple, and Ebony.





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