Self Amped Guitars & Tremolos


Baby Blue with V-Twin™ Tremolo
Silver Guitarmadillo w V-Twin Tremolo
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Evolutionary. Not Revolutionary.

We respect the guitar and believe in its evolution.   Our aim is to build legacy,

world-class electric guitars that give the player truly credible tone.


EP's patented chambering creates an actual physical connection between

player and instrument.  Fill the room, feel the vibe.  Discover infinite, new musical possibilities,

and experience every note, chord, and soulful bend,  physically from a completely new musical perspective.


Classic Materials

EP bodies, necks, and fretboards are made from quality hardwoods including Carolina Poplar,  Hard (Sugar) Maple, Curly Maple, Bird's Eye Maple,  Ebony, Mahogany, Alder, Rosewood, Granadillo (Mexican Rosewood),  Tigerwood, and more.

Instantly Amazing Tone

Fire up a Model One and feel the incredible, cabinet-like sound for an infinite range of styles.  Go from sparkly clean acoustic to tasty mellow jazz, then bust out the beefy, hard-core power tones.  All right there... no cords, no limits, no muss, and ABSOLUTELY no fuss. 

Comfortable Neck

The feel is familiar and extremely playable. Velvety smooth, Rock Maple necks.  Designed in the classic "gibby" school, and featuring a 12 deg. radius fret board,  cut from your choice of materials.  

Custom Designed Electronics

Custom wound Humbucker pickups, our own, super quiet analog preamp. analog delays and chorus, active tone controls, rechargeable high-voltage batteries providing extreme volume output (18w). headphone output, cell phone input and output, regular guitar amp output.

Your Songwriting Partner

Play whenever inspiration strikes.  It's so much easier to imagine your compositions when you're playing with that perfect tone.  On the couch, in the dorm, at the beach...  Turn it on, and your song sounds right. 

Old World Craftsmanship

100% Designed and Built in USA, From incredibly accurate CNC milling, 3D printing, & laser cutting, to extremely high quality custom paint and hand finishing by talented craftsman and artists, EP guitars have the feel of a classic right out of the box.

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