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ElectroPhonic Innovations


Finally, an exciting breakthrough tremolo system for Tune-o-matic (TOM) bridge equipped guitars*.

Whether your style is rockabilly twang, surf, country steel guitar, psychedelic fuzz, 80’s shred, or a hybrid of many styles, you will absolutely love the feel of your V-Twin™.  It will quickly become an indispensable addition to your creative toolbox.


  • Straightforward functional design, tweakable to player’s preferences.

  • Stainless steel ball bearings provide exceptional tuning stability and fluid action.

  • Amazing control, from gentle “surf-style” vibrato to extreme divebombs.

  • Looks gorgeous! Available in chrome plate or black powder-coat finish.

  • Designed and manufactured in USA

ElectroPhonic Innovations
ElectroPhonic Innovations


  1. Chrome over brass precision milled axle. The axle at the heart of the V-Twin™ is made from high quality c360 brass, turned on a CNC lathe to exacting tolerances. This contributes to the unmatched feel of the V-Twin™.

  2. Custom Springs. The V-Twin™’s springs are manufactured exclusively for the V-Twin™. The design specifications are optimized for smooth action with all common string gauges and tunings.

  3. High quality ball bearings. Stainless steel ball bearings give the V-Twin™ amazing “liquid” feel with precise control… smooth pitch modulation… never jerky or squirrely like many other tremolo designs.

  4. Fully Floating. The V-Twin™ can lower or raise the pitch allowing greater versatility than down-only systems.

  5.  Arm Angle Adjustment Screw. The knurled screw at the back of the V-Twin™ allows for adjusting the tremolo arm height and angle to the player’s preference. With many currently available systems, you are stuck with the pre-set height and angle.

  6. Arm Tension Adjustment Screw. The knurled screw at the bottom of the V-Twin™’s axle serves as a “brake” to adjust the tension of the tremolo arm, swinging loose or fine-tuned to stay where the player leaves it or easily pushed out of the way when not in use.

  7. Arm Lock Back Nut. The NyLoc nut at the base of the tremolo arm can be adjusted as a firm stop to quickly lock the arm back out of the way when desired.

  8. Currently available in CHROME  and  CHROME/BLACK BASE


Dealer/ Distributor/ OEM guitar builder pricing available (inquire).


*Note: V-Twin™ Rev.1.0 is for flat top guitars e.g. guitars in the style of SG, LP Special, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, LP Junior, etc. It is not designed for carve top Les Paul-style guitars. SG, LP Special, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, LP Junior are trademarks of Gibson Brands. ElectroPhonic Innovations, and ­Easy Rider are not affiliated with Gibson Brands nor is any affiliation implied.


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ElectroPhonic Innovations


Anyone experienced with any tremolo system knows there is a certain amount of tweaking necessary for optimal performance and tuning stability. Following are some tips you may find useful.


The nut is probably the most critical component after the tremolo itself. Most tuning issues can be traced to the strings hanging up (binding) in the nut slot.

A high quality, well-made nut helps a lot. Graphite is more slippery than other materials.

You can use bar soap, graphite powder, or various commercially available nut lube products to reduce friction in the nut slot. Replace it regularly to maintain minimal friction.


Most modern tuners are decently made and hold tune adequately. Having said that, locking tuners eliminate the post windings. These winding can loosen and tighten with string bends and tremolo use, adding to tuning issues. If you don’t use locking tuners, make sure to wind strings neatly around the tuner posts.


New strings stretch until they are “settled in”. This causes them to go flat. You can speed up the process by tugging on the strings and re-tuning. There are a number of YouTube videos illustrating ways to stretch new guitar strings.

Please enjoy your Easy Rider V-Twin
responsibly. Excessive whammy abuse can make you go blind.