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The ElectroPhonic Story


Many endeavors start as a dream. And so it was for ElectroPhonic’s founder Joe Floyd, whom one night had a vivid dream in which he was playing an electric guitar with a fantastic soaring sound coming from the guitar itself with no amp or effects pedals. This “dream guitar” had the lush harmonics and singing tone of an electric guitar, but with all the freedom of an acoustic guitar.


Determined to make this vision a reality, Joe built and tested the first prototype. He then joined forces with Jan Lucas and together they developed several more refined prototypes.


Next, Andy joined the mix and solidified the EP development team. After many more months of painstaking R and D, the ElectroPhonic™ Model One was born.


There have been previous attempts to set the guitarist free, but ElectroPhonic’s groundbreaking guitar makes it real, bringing everything together in a professional, simple-to-use, great sounding guitar with its own built-in amp and effects.


The ElectroPhonic™ guitar is an evolution of the art and science, and is destined to find its place alongside traditional electric and acoustic guitars. The hardwood body of an EP guitar (its “tone cabinet,”) combines sonic qualities and elements of both electric and acoustic guitars.


EP has combined modern technology and design with traditional luthier build practices, to bring every lover of high quality, eminently playable guitars something new and exciting to unleash their creativity.


Our premier instrument, the Model One EP, is just the beginning of a new generation of electric guitars.


Whether you're a seasoned session player or an inspired beginner, the EP Model One will get you closer to your music than any other guitar can.   


The powerful onboard amp provides serious horsepower for smaller venues when you leave your amp stack at home.   Ideal for coffee shops, rehearsals, the beach, the campfire, the dorm, the couch... etc.   


Plug into any guitar rig or a P.A. for ear-splitting stage levels when needed. Rechargeable batteries can provide robust, powerful tone and level for over 8 hours. The magnetic battery cover means changeover takes seconds, not minutes.   


Custom Humbuckers and meticulous design result in an electric guitar that can crank it out with virtually no noisy hums and buzzes.

ElectroPhonic Innovations

Meet The Team

Jan Lucas ElectroPhonic Innovations

Pianist, guitarist, composer, producer, studio designer, CAD/CAM & Graphics. Jan has worked with such guitar masters as Louie Shelton, Andy Summers, and many others.

EP's co-founder is the geek of the team, helping to turn dreams into technical reality. He's been playing and recording music for over 30 years, bringing great experience and knowledge to the ElectroPhonic brain trust.

Joe Floyd ElectroPhonic Innovations

Guitarist, songwriter, music producer and inventor, co-founder "Flo" began a lifelong obsession with the electric guitar at 13 after witnessing Jimi Hendrix in concert. Flo's career has seen him record a host of legendary guitar players including Slash, Adrian Smith, and Steve Vai. Following his dream of a new kind of guitar, Flo has devoted himself to the development of ElectroPhonic instruments.

Andrew Bloch ElectroPhonic Innovations

Engineer and businessman, Andy is an accomplished and creative executive with wide experience in music, having worked for numerous artists from Little Feat to Peter Frampton. He contributes hugely to the design and production techniques of EP guitars, and his passion for great sound and sheer beauty is clearly reflected in the instruments.

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